the hayley and taylor “pressure flip”


here it is!!! my big, dumb, lame, compiled paramore m&g post!!!!! this, folks, is how it all went down.

(i’m gonna skip all the tailgate and pre-m&g stuff and just get right to the meat and potatoes) so we get to the front of the m&g line and mehdi gives me the signal that it’s my turn. i walk over to hayley, jeremy, and taylor and i was like “hi!!!” and they all were all like “hi!!!!!!!” and jeremy was like “your shirt!!!” and i was like “i got one for each of you!!!!” and i gave hayley the bag with the gifts/letters and even though she was on vocal rest and couldn’t speak out loud, she got so excited and it was adorable!!! and then while hayley was setting the bag aside, i gave jeremy and taylor my BNE booklet to sign and when hayley got back, i asked her to write “it’s not a dream anymore” and i told them how that song means so much to me because i’m fulfilling my dream of moving to LA and how they gave me the motivation to fight for it and hayley looked at me and mouthed “that’s amazing” and that’s when i started crying. ALSO i told hayley that she could write the lyrics anywhere on the booklet, but she flipped through the whole thing looking for the page with lyrics to looking up, and right when she opened to the page it was like BAM josh farro right there and i was about to be like “you can sign another page if you want!!!” but she went ahead and signed it anyway. awwwww bless. and then when hayley was giving the booklet back to me, she noticed my tattoo and she got sO EXCITED and i told them that i had my tattoo traced from that exact booklet and her jaw dropped and it was SO CUTE. and then i turned around to pose for the picture and i was like “can we all look really metal?” and hence my glorious and metal-as-fuck picture. then mehdi was like “let mom hop in there!” so my mom joined and we took a picture with her. then things got REALLY emo. she got really emotional all of a sudden and she told them how they brought her and her daughter together and she actually started crying. and then she showed them her gold bars necklace and she was like “i have this in gold because that’s how much you mean to me. i love you guys” and the looks of the faces of those 3… man i can’t even explain it. then my mom had hayley write out “don’t go cryin’ to your mama ‘cause you’re on your own in the real world” on a frame and we’re gonna put the picture with me and my mom in the frame!!!! and while hayley was writing, my mom high fived jeremy and i high fived taylor and my mom told them that we would be on every single parahoy in history and we said thank you a million times. and that was about it!!!!! but wow it was hands-down the most surreal moment of my life i still can’t believe i got to meet the people that mean absolutely everything to me.


isn’t it weird how with some people you never run out of things to talk about but with others it’s like you always end up talking about the weather


• Williams revealed the Game of Thrones fight choreographers will forget that she insists on playing Arya left-handed, as in the book, even though she’s right-handed in real life. She will make them re-choreograph scenes. She also really wants to do more of her own horse riding. “I know Richard Madden got to actually gallop,” she said. And by the way, “all hell broke loose” when she got her nose pierced.

• Dormer should always be the one to explain Game of Thrones to new fans: “Game of Thrones shows you all the different ways you can wield power: Whether it’s psychological, physical, sexual, dragons,” Dormer said. “I think we’d all go for the dragons if we were given the choice. But that’s the secret of the writing, that’s why it’s such a compelling show—because it shows how different people are given different weapons, physically and metaphorically, and how they use them.”

Maisie Williams & Natalie Dormer attend the Women Who Kick Ass panel during Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego [x]